Cyqiq branding

Brand Identity
Brand Identity redesign for cyqiq, an Australian consultancy and system integrator with deep expertise across IoT, Smart Cities, and Data Analytics.
Involvement: As a sole designer I was responsible for all themain aspects of the project including the strategy, art direction,communication with the client and final design.


After doing an analysis and diagnostic it was determined that:

The identity of the company did not represent the organisation’s values
The absence of a properly developed and consistent system was evident.
It was necessary to create a solid information architecture of the products and services that the company had to offer
cyqiq's previous brand
Interviews and questionnaires were conducted. Here are some of the findings:

Some visual elements highly attached to the brand were worth preserving due to its association with the brand
A discovery of who are the competitors, and how they show their products and services
A cleared view all of the platforms and channels in which the brand inhabits
Two main challenges were addressed:

1. Develop a renovated brand that keeps and expresses the values of the company, and its vision.
2. Develop a scalable, consistent and flexible brand that could be easily used by different teams in different platforms and constrained spaces.


New Identifier

The first step was to create a new identifier (logo) that could be a good starting point to tackle the challenges.

In order for the system to be flexible and adaptive enough a cyqiq monogram based on an integration and volume was also developed.

Following the concept of strong-geometric-shapes a icon-system was created.


The final design was a strong consistent system ready to tackle the challenges addressed.